Reigning in the creativity

15 Aug

In preparation for this very foretelling first post, I rummaged through the “Daily Post” and found a topic that was appropriate to the reasoning behind this blog. The question was:

What is a strength you have that you haven’t used?

Now, it’s not that I have been hiding my writing strengths under lock & key. On a daily basis, I get to whip out my favorite red pen and edit licensing agreements and contracts…thrilling, believe me. What I haven’t be using, are my creative writing skills. For the past 3 years, I’ve been working on my second novel. Seeing as my first novel was written in 1 month, this 3 year mark is something of an exaggerated procrastination. It’s come to the point of sheer laziness. So, in attempt to reign in that creativity and get pen to paper (of fingers to keyboard as it may be), I’ve decided to blog through my creative process of completing my novel. In the meantime, I’ll be studying for the GMATs and applying to schools, so more than ever this creative outlet will bring me some sanity (hopefully).

About the novel:

“Alternate Ending,” is the story of the love of Julia Carmichael’s life. The one man she knew she would always spend forever with. The man whose children were already named in her mind (Arden, Michael and Ruby). The one love that would last through everything and anything.

Until it didn’t.

The story follows Julia through the gut-wrenching breakup, the awkward, sometimes hilarious rebounds and the encounter, years later, that would solidify the love she always knew she would do anything to keep.


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