Weathering the storm in my bossypants

29 Aug

For many, this weekend consisted of tropical storms, flooded roads, tornado warnings, cancelled flights, no electricity, and spoiled beach vacations. In my neck of the woods it was all of the above and more…but it a great way. We celebrated an amazing wedding of two great friends despite some hazardous conditions and arrived home to the peace that only comes when the electricity is out. No TV, no radio, no nothin’…but wait! My sister, who took this power outage time to take a midday Sunday funday nap, lent me her juiced up Kindle so that I could read one of her first downloads…Bossypants by Tina Fey.

Now, I have to say, that I was very opposed to the Kindle. For one, Amazon is a behemoth killing a lot of local businesses and small bookshops, in particular, around the world not only because of their monopolistic hold on the eBook market, but because they sell at incredulously low rates and offer free/cheap shipping to most places in the world. Seeing as my business is working with small bookshops around the world, it’s sad to see them go down once Amazon arrives, but I digress. I took my sister’s Kindle with anticipation mostly because I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Tina Fey and anything she’s every touched is gold in my eyes. 30 Rock? Baby Mama? Do I even need to mention Mean Girls??? Come on! All were awkward, hilarious masterpieces of gold! Jumping into her book was a dream come true.

In an hour I had somehow finished half the book. Now, I am known to devour books and this was a very easy, lighthearted read, but I was surprised at how unbothered I was by the whole Kindle, eReader experience. The eInk was easy to read even with only light coming through the windows behind me and the click page turner was not as distracting or irritating as I had anticipated. The whole experience was light weight (the text and the object) and thoroughly enjoyable – surprisingly so. Now, I probably won’t be out buying one anytime soon, but I can see even more now the lure of it all. I haven’t tried the Nook, but now I’m curious. Anyone want to lend me one for an afternoon? I’ve got the other half of Bossypants to read J

Alight, back to the book – Bossypants. It’s scatterbrained, laugh out loud and light-hearted read, as I said. The anecdotes are funny and jump from one to the other. There are a lot of 70s TV references which I wasn’t always sure of and you understand quickly that any writing group Tina Fey runs or is a part of has to be the most entertaining scene to watch – even beyond what they are writing up. She’s just a funny lady. I think it was so relatable to me because she was such an awkward teenager and lo and behold…so was I! Well, my haircuts were never as bad as hers, but I think that’s what makes it endearing at another level. She had such a high regard for herself despite her awkwardness that I WISH I had that confidence at that time. She embraced her white denim suit and faux Farrah Fawcett hair do’ and chased after all the awkward boys she could. At least five specific times I laughed out loud, to myself, in my room and had to put the Kindle down to regain my composure. It is just too much sometimes…and I can’t wait for the new season of 30 Rock which has been pushed back to January 2012 since our girl Tina just had her second baby girl recently. Thankfully, her hilarious genes are being reproduced…the more funny ladies in the world, the better!



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