Pie chart of the day…shout out to Marshal from HIMYM

30 Aug

This hilarious, very real and lifesaving pie chart was reported and shared by my stealthy male counterpart so I thought I would share. I mean, who doesn’t love informative and hilarious pie charts?? This particular gem focuses on the real and ever-growing issue of texting when you’re in a relationship or with any other person, really. Because in this day & age if you don’t get a response within 5 minutes it’s safe to assume the other person has perished or is stuck in some 127 hours-like catastrophe, right? But wait…this trusty pie chart says otherwise. Could someone just be doing something else or, god forbid, have just plain forgotten to text us back?? Apparently! haha

In support of this informative pie chart, I would like to refer here to the How I Met Your Mother charts & graphs intervention episode…(this is why I love Jason Segal so much…Oh, Marshal! You & your pie charts are so dreamy!)



One Response to “Pie chart of the day…shout out to Marshal from HIMYM”

  1. mermaidserena September 16, 2011 at 11:11 AM #

    Back when I had a boyfriend, I used to panic like CRAZY whenever he wouldn’t reply in a minute. My ex-bf’s really a lazy guy and there’s nothing else to it. Also, LOUSY network services in the Philippines O_O They make a lot of couples fight because the messages get delayed. It’s kind of funny if you think about it. Most girls are so paranoid when they’re boyfriend replies late (I’m one of these girls, sadly), and most of the time, it’s just because of lousy network service. Nice post šŸ˜‰ I love Marshall, as well :))

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