Readings from Around the World

14 Sep

This morning, in my mass of emails, I stumbled upon a link to this great slideshow on Flavorwire called “Essential Reading from the World’s Top Literary Cities“. I’m a lover of reading and especially of writers from around the world (currently I’ve honed in on Caribbean writers) and so this list was right up my alley.

Here is Flavorwire’s List:

  1. Tokyo, Japan
  2. New York City, USA
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. Iowa City, USA (??? was not expecting this one!)
  5. Mumbai, India
  6. London, UK
  7. Nairobi, Kenya
  8. Paris, France
  9. San Francisco, USA

Obviously, Flavorwire couldn’t name ALL the cities filled with wonderful, successful authors, but Iowa City? Really? In some of the comments below the slide show several people chimed in to add Dublin, Ireland (very prolific literary voices come from Ireland), but I also thought about the successful writers from Brazil, Chile, Italy…I mean, come on, Umberto Eco, Dante Alighieri, Isabel Allende, Paulo Coelho…there are so many amazing authors from other metropolitan cities that weren’t listed. So, I decided to think about a few other cities I would have added to Flavorwire’s list…

  1. Madrid, Spain
  2. Sao Paolo, Brazil
  3. Florence, Italy
  4. All of the Caribbean (cheating, I know, but they’re all so good!)
  5. Stockholm, Sweden

Tower of Babel in Plaza del Martin in Buenos Aires

If you were to write your own list or just add to Flavorwire’s, which cities would make up your Top 5?


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