Get the red ink out!

20 Sep
Carrot diversity

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I have an affinity for editing. Well, more like an affinity for utilizing red ink (of any variety – pen, pencil, marker, crayon) to thrash through a piece of writing without apology. Cracking run-on sentences and replacing them with a newly constructed masterpiece or a set of quizzical question marks (“????”) brings me pure joy.

Now, you might think my love of red ink thrashing through someone’s well-thought out masterpiece is sadistic, but I promise you it’s not. The joy I get from editing a paper/contract/story isn’t my nasty attempt to pulverize someone’s writing. On the contrary, I’m throwing my joy into making it the best piece it can be.

I am not an editor by profession, so I use every tool at my disposal when I edit my own writing or anyone else’s. Below are a few websites I’ve found that guide you in the process of editing your novel or short story. Take a look!

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