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Oh, Friday…You are finally here!!

28 Oct

Have a Wonderfully Ghoulish, Ghostly (pre-) Halloween Weekend!!


Namely, fruit.

13 Sep
Cobb Salad

Image by saturdave via Flickr

This morning on the radio they were discussing all the different types of foods named after people. For example, the sandwich named after the Earl of Sandwich, the Cobb Salad named after Robert Howard Cobb (debatable according to Curb Your Enthusiasm haha) and so forth. One of the radio hosts has his own ice cream flavor at a local creamery made up of chocolate ice cream and the oreo-like crunchies from ice cream cakes…a WINNING combination, let me tell you.

This whole discussion got me thinking…if a food was named after me, what would it be?

Well, lately, I’ve been obsessively craving the following salad that I highly recommend:

It’s simple, but a delicious mix that hits the spot every time that I would LOVE to call the “Caroline”, but it probably already has a name as I’ve had it in several restaurants.
What food [sandwich, dish, combination] would you name after yourself??

As a writing exercise, describe your favorite food. Even better, write about a food that you loved as a kid and what that food reminds you of today. The smells of apple pie in your aunt’s house; the taste of freshly whipped cream as you licked it off your stubby little fingers. Food can reveal so much to us about the place, time, and even class of our characters in fiction that it should be used as effectively as can be to not only make our readers drool, but also understand that much more about our characters.

to make you feel my love…

26 Aug

one of my favorite songs, make you feel my love, by the amazing Adele…they aren’t her lyrics, but she sings them perfectly. her lyrics are also inspirational and great to look at and maybe derive a story from. heartache has happened to each of us in one way or another and pulling from that experience, rummaging through the highs and lows of that emotion can help inspire not only beautiful ballads like this one, but whole stories, poems and more…happy remembering & writing!

have a great weekend and fellow northeasterners good luck bracing & riding our hurricane irene!

News: Brick Wall

23 Aug

Sometimes a bit of news makes its way into your life that you wish you could erase from memory or reality as soon as you hear it. Throw it away. Act as though it hasn’t happened. You just want to never have to deal with the reality of that situation, but you know now and you can’t escape. You can’t un-hear or unread or un-know it willingly … as much as you might try.

Today’s writing journey: Take a moment and reflect on a piece of news you/your character has heard that they wish they could un-hear or un-know. What was your initial reaction? How did they cope long-term with the reality of the news? When did the bit of news become a reality you ultimately faced? Were they successful in ignoring the bad news?

Exploring your reaction or your character’s reaction to bad news can lead to a better understanding of the motives that drive us all in our relationships and life. As an individual, we can better understand sometimes the hidden, dormant feelings we may have that overcome us at times of bad news. As a writer exploring your characters this is a great exercise to elaborate on character sketches. Dig deeply into your character’s motives and hash out some of the lesser explored emotions they may have yet to face in the plot of your story.

Wishing you happy writing & happy living…

It’s a beautiful day…let your hair (if you’ve got it) flow in the wind & breathe deeply

17 Aug

Let the wind flow through your hair and fly...

This picture of Maggie the boxer helps remind me every time I look at it that bliss is just a head-out-the-window away. She’s got zen written all over her face! That’s what I want. Sometimes, a midst the hectic days, the stresses of life, it’s easy to forget to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the ride.

My mantra today: Breathe deeply & Let the wind flow through my hair.

This was a very easy mantra to follow when I was practicing yoga, even just once a week. It centers and grounds you and forces you to focus on the here & now, as opposed to all the other mumbo-jumbo going on in your life outside of the yoga studio. Sometimes, sprawled across my mat in the final resting pose I decide I never want to leave. I want to stay in that steamy yoga room forever because the serenity that comes at that moment is blissful. The yoga for 90 minutes before that time is hard, which is why I’ve postponed going back for so many months…need to get inspiration from Maggie and get my Zen on. Maybe tonight’s the night.

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