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Oh, Friday…You are finally here!!

28 Oct

Have a Wonderfully Ghoulish, Ghostly (pre-) Halloween Weekend!!


It’s a beautiful day…let your hair (if you’ve got it) flow in the wind & breathe deeply

17 Aug

Let the wind flow through your hair and fly...

This picture of Maggie the boxer helps remind me every time I look at it that bliss is just a head-out-the-window away. She’s got zen written all over her face! That’s what I want. Sometimes, a midst the hectic days, the stresses of life, it’s easy to forget to relax, rejuvenate and enjoy the ride.

My mantra today: Breathe deeply & Let the wind flow through my hair.

This was a very easy mantra to follow when I was practicing yoga, even just once a week. It centers and grounds you and forces you to focus on the here & now, as opposed to all the other mumbo-jumbo going on in your life outside of the yoga studio. Sometimes, sprawled across my mat in the final resting pose I decide I never want to leave. I want to stay in that steamy yoga room forever because the serenity that comes at that moment is blissful. The yoga for 90 minutes before that time is hard, which is why I’ve postponed going back for so many months…need to get inspiration from Maggie and get my Zen on. Maybe tonight’s the night.

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