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Oh, Friday…You are finally here!!

28 Oct

Have a Wonderfully Ghoulish, Ghostly (pre-) Halloween Weekend!!


Dr Seuss vs. Madonna : Can Celebs Write Good Children’s Books??

22 Sep

The Atlantic published a great article online titled Dr. Seuss vs. Madonna: Can Celebrities Write Good Children’s Books? Good question!

Working in the publishing industry, I’m always curious to see what the bestselling books are around the world. In the US, we have a great selection of titles by a slew of authors and a large part of them are marketed like anything else…excessively. When it comes to celebrity authors, the hype is even more exaggerated.

Normally, the titles marketed here are by American celebrities. There’s no way, I thought to myself last year, that Lauren Conrad‘s tween series “LA Candy”, “Sweet Little Lies” or “Sugar and Spice” were of any consequence outside of the realm of teenybopper Americans. Boy was I wrong! Ms. Conrad’s titles sold like hot cakes throughout Europe and the rest of the world and I had to bite my tongue. Apparently, “The Hills” wasn’t banned for its scripted impersonation of reality outside of the US…shocking! OTHER people outside of this country are watching it and swarming bookstores in the Netherlands, Germany and Spain to get a hold of her novels. I don’t really get it, but my friends who are addicted to The Hills/The City/Etc were not surprised at all. Apparently, this seemingly American reality star has made it big abroad and she’s only Lauren Conrad. Included in the article’s list are big shots like Madonna, Tyra Banks and Jimmy Buffet. Surely, they must have outsold Lauren Conrad…

Here’s a slideshow of a few titles that popped out at me from their original list:

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