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And She Was – Page turner, thriller – Coming March 2012

9 Feb

I just put down And She Was by Alison Gaylin and it is with pure satisfaction that I do so. This book, from the very first pages, has proven to be an addiction. For days I had been passing by it at work, reading the same first few pages over and over again when I decided to pick it up and read it start to finish. My first idea was to save it for my upcoming travels – some very long flights ahead – but “Oh, only one chapter” turned into “Oh, only the first 100 pages” which then turned into me, in the middle of the night, 3 hours with my eyes glued open and only ten pages to go. I promise you…it was THAT good.

Absolutely captivating. A page-turner.

Normally, my recreational reading revolves around humorous memoirs, chick lit,  and some historical fiction. Mystery-thrillers usually aren’t my go-to because I get so engrossed in the novel that I scare myself silly if I’m reading any time after 7 at night and this book was no exception to that rule. Let’s just say that at 1 am two nights ago I could have sworn someone was breaking in to kidnap someone in my home. No, no, not irrational at all :-O My unwarranted fears only prove that Gaylin is very effective at creating nail-biting, page-turning suspense magic with her words. Take  a peek at her website: http://www.alisongaylin.com. She has penned several other mystery novels that I will need to check out of the library ASAP since I already devoured As She Was and loved it.

Happy Reading!


Workshops| New York City | 42 Free Writing Classes – Gotham Writers’ Workshop Fall Open House

15 Sep

If you’re in the NYC area take advantage of these great FREE writing courses. Gotham is excellent. I took a one-day intensive Fiction class this time last year and it really helped get the ball rolling & my mind churning with new ideas…take advantage of this deal if you can!

If you’re prepping for NANOWRIMO 2011 this November, these classes could be a great place to start getting your preparations in place for that awesome month-long creative journey!

Happy writing…

Click on the Image below to get more info!

Writing Competitions

24 Aug

When I attended the Fiction Workshop at Gotham Writers’ Workshop in NYC, my teacher, an MFA in Creative Writing with hundreds of stories published in journals and literary magazines galore, urged us to submit our writing to any and all writing competitions we could find. Well, any legitimate ones (be wary of scams, as with anything else). Getting published, if that was our eventual goal, meant actually submitting our work…somewhere! And competitions are a great way to test the waters.

In 2007, I submitted a poem to Poetry.com and won entry into their annual published book. They were very persistent that winners buy the final product (something around $80), but out of pure skepticism I decided against it. Needless to say, it was a great feeling to have won any type of competition for my writing. There was no prize money, but it was nice to be recognized and feel part of that community of writers.

Today, I want to dedicate this post to writing competitions and getting your work out there for the world to see. I found that Writer’s Digest has several competitions going for various genres this fall/winter with deadline dates starting as soon as Aug 31, 2011 and running through Dec 2011. Check out the full list here: WD Competitions.

Another list of interesting competitions, many with cash prizes, comes from FreelanceWriting.com. From poetry and short story competitions, to first time novelist competitions, there are a lot of choices for creative writers to choose from on this site. Winnings vary per competition and so do entry fees, so take a good look at those before submitting your work.

Also check out your local newspapers or magazines. In our town, there is a great local newspaper that dedicates its July/August edition to what they call the “Summer Fiction Issue”. In high school, I interned at this newspaper and helped organize and edit some of the pieces. Ten years later the edition is still going strong and entries come in from all over the state from writers and poets, alike. Local bookshops, writing groups and universities/colleges also have writing competitions from time to time, so keep an eye out for local opportunities, as well as those online!

Happy writing & Good Luck!…

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